Upcoming Events

Protospiel Online Friday April 16-Sunday April 18 Interested in the cutting of game design? Protospiel is a chance to playtest games in development, helping creators refine their designs, while getting a chance to see what’s next and learn about game design. Mark will be playtesting I Wish, a musical theater story creation game.

The Nebula Conference Friday June 4-Sunday June 6 We’ll be at the premiere event for professionals in the speculative fiction genre.

Readercon Friday July 9th-Sunday July 11th There’s no way we’d miss this convention with “a near-total focus on the written word.”

DisCon III Wednesday December 15th-Sunday December 19th The 79th World Science Fiction Convention, which will be held in person with a virtual track online. Mark is volunteering in the gaming program track.

Past events

Interview: Mimi Mondal and Nur Nasreen Ibrahim

The Coode Street Podcast: Ten Minutes with Mimi Mondal

Mark answers Five or So Questions from Beau Jágr Sheldon.