Accessibility in Tabletop Resources

The Accessibility in Gaming Resource Guide is an extensive compilation of tools, documents, articles, panels, and other resources that address accessibility in gaming, streaming, live events, writing, and more. Their purpose is to improve access, inclusion, and accurate, authentic representation, as well as to help the community better understand the disabled experience and find ways to make the gaming space more welcoming to disabled gamers.

26% of the US population is disabled, and that number has continued to rise over the last year. The disabled community is the largest minority group in the country (and in most of Europe, as well), and yet they make up less than 5% of characters on television (and then, only 2% of THOSE roles are played by disabled actors). Disability is often regarded with fear or pity or used as a metaphor for either inner moral decrepitude or the supreme idealization of a compensatory superpower, if it is acknowledged at all. Rarely are disabled characters, and by extension, people, regarded as complex and whole, not in need of “fixing” or “curing,” but rather as capable, adaptable, nuanced people who love their spouses and children, go to work as doctors and teachers and scientists, who play competitive sports and have hobbies, like, say…tabletop gaming.

The document begins with an “Essential Learning and Tools” section. I strongly recommend you begin there, especially with Stella Young’s 8-minute TED Talk “I Am Not Your Inspiration, Thank You Very Much.” It will change the way you think about disability forever. And a reminder: Accessibility is a right. It is not a favor. It is not a stretch goal. It is not a burden. Accessibility is a right.

I hope this document encourages people to learn about the disabled community, history, and experience, to think more critically about inclusion and accessibility as they evaluate mechanics, language, and character design, and to meet, follow, and support disabled creators, designers, and players in the gaming space. Happy gaming!

Essential Learning and Tools

Panel Discussions

Gaming Resources

Table and Game Accessibility Tools

Characters, Mechanics, and Worldbuilding


Art and Design

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Supporting Disabled People

Further Learning:

Jennifer Kretchmer is a producer, writer, actor, and streamer who has worked in front of or behind the camera on more than a thousand episodes of television. A passionate advocate for disabled accessibility, inclusion, and representation in media, Jennifer is the creator of the Accessibility in Gaming Resource Guide and is one of the authors of D&D’s Candlekeep Mysteries. She can be seen on Demiplane’s Heroes of the Planes as her character Alyndra, who is also a playable champion in the official Dungeons and Dragons video game Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms.

Twitter/Instagram: @dreamwisp

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