Summer 2019: Fandom Issue

The Stellar Beacon: Fandom Issue

Fanfiction: The Infinite Free Buffet  Alexandra Rowland celebrates fanfiction, explores its significance, and defends  it against those who shallowly dismiss it.  Read Now

The Undying Elite An adventure that examines what the corrupt are willing to do hold on to power, and the price others are willing to pay to resist. By Richard Bellingham, the author of the RPG The Secret of Cats, and creative director of The Fate Horror Toolkit. 

Pop Culture Parade A collection of entertainment themed sci-fi sandbox story prompts. 

Framing the Future: the uses of Optimism Optimism is having a moment. But, beyond escapism, what can optimistic speculative fiction accomplish?

 Yes, And… Gaming! Learn how techniques from theatre can help players and gamemasters enjoy a more constructive, team-orientated form of roleplaying. 

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Cover of the zine: an image of space explorers looking a habitats floating in an atmosphere
image of a sci-fi viewscreen, distorted by jamming, showing an older woman

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